How To Care For The Front Suspension Of Your Mountain Bike

Before each ride, you should check the fork of your bicycle. This way, you will check that all its parts are working, and you could even notice if any part, especially the covers, are in place and well fixed. It is very annoying to lose the caps and more if they are from controls since there are almost no spare parts or they are very expensive.

Clean the bars

Before using your bicycle, we must try to remove the dust and dirt that may be stuck on the bars of your suspension. This will prevent elements that could damage the operation of your suspension from entering the suspension spring below the retainers.

We recommend using a damp cloth or disposable towel, without any type of product that can wear down the rubber and plastic components of the seals.

By doing this, each outlet will avoid friction wear, and the suspension will work as it should.

Be careful when washing the bike with pressurized water.

If you are used to washing your bike with pressure water, you should be very careful about how to aim the gun at some parts of your bike.

Never point directly at the fork seals, since this component is the one that avoids passing dust inside the bottles; keeps oil and cushioning system isolated.

Use a fender

The simple mudguard will prevent the mud from the tire from being projected onto the bars and thus avoid possible scratches or direct blows that could affect its operation.

Protect your fork bottles

Although fork legs are very sturdy, they are the first to receive damage in most falls. So that it always looks like new, we recommend using a protective plastic mica that will preserve the paint on the bottles in better conditions, and you can always see your bike as new.

Protect your bike from the weather

When we have the need to leave or store the bicycle for personal reasons or accidents, we must consider the place where we are going to store it. Leaving the bike outdoors will do a lot of damage to all the components, frame, and obvious to your fork.

We recommend leaving it in an interior place that does not have humidity. But yes, you are not possible. Make sure that space where you keep it has a roof, and it is best to get a canvas or cover to cover your bike from environmental damage.

Maintain it regularly


Maintenance is recommended every 150 hours of use if it is frequently used, or every six months or every year if you do not use it much. This maintenance must be given by a suspension professional.


Not all garages have a suspension specialist. Therefore it is necessary that you get a workshop where they can do it or even a specialized workshop on suspensions only.