Clean Bike Chains: How To Do It And Best Tips

When our bike accumulates months of use, it is completely normal that the chain loses its initial qualities and needs a wash from time to time.

Cleaning it is a fundamental step so that the mechanical operation of the vehicle is ideal. Otherwise, the chain will not take long to come off or to not change the dishes and gears well.

Techniques for cleaning the bicycle chain

Each person who has cleaned the chain of their bicycle will advise you on a different technique and product to leave it untouched. Below, we highlight the three most common techniques to get rid of the dirt accumulated in the chain, showing you the positive and negative side of each one:

Using a rag

This way of cleaning the chain is not complex. First, we put the degreaser in the area of ​​the chain that will be in contact with dishes and pinions. As we introduce the liquid, we move the pedals back so that all parts of the chain are impregnated with a degreaser.

Once we have fulfilled this objective, we must take the rag and hold the chain completely. Next, we will pedal backward so that the rag can touch the entire chain. It will take several turns for it to reach an optimal cleaning state.

As a main positive point, we must highlight the speed and simplicity with which we remove dirt from the chain. However, with this technique, the holes between the rollers (where the chain fits on the sprockets and chainrings) keep the dirt- since we do not reach these areas with the rag.

In this way, the dirt is not completely removed, and the chain has all the ballots to not function properly. Therefore, we dare to say that it is not the best cleaning technique that exists.

Using a brush

A brush can be a good option to clean bike chains. Always helping us with degreaser, we will brush the entire chain. We will also not forget areas that accumulate dirt, such as pinions and plates.

The most common way to brush the chain is by using gasoline as a degreaser. Many cyclists choose to remove the chain, dip it in gasoline and brush it after a certain rest in the fuel. However, there is also the option of not removing it, although it is a more uncomfortable practice.

Once the brushing has been carried out correctly, the other mechanical elements must be cleaned of degreaser. Taking into account the characteristics of this technique, we can say that it is one of the most effective, but it is also one of the most laborious. Although, without a doubt, the main disadvantage is having to disassemble and mount the chain.

Degreasing machine with roller

You may not know this little machine with a simple and effective mechanism. The tool to which we refer in this section is internally made up of two spirals with bristles that are moistened in a mini tank of degreaser.

When the machine is correctly positioned on the bike chain and has the right degreaser inside, the bristles will fit perfectly with the chain holes while the chain is moved with the pedal, allowing the cleaning of the chain to be thorough.

It is a mechanism that, apart from being quite fast, performs a deep cleaning on the chain, even in its holes. In addition, it is a cleaner technique, since the machine has some pads that are responsible for draining the liquid so that it does not drip.

What is Digital Signage and how important is it to your business?

What is Digital Signage and how important is it to your business?

If you are looking for options to improve your communication or pass personalized information dynamically to your audience Greentouch, opting for the Digital Signage system is the best choice. A lot of people still don’t know what Digital Signage is and the capacity that this digital signage has, although they have certainly seen or passed through a screen with this type of technology.

What is Digital Signage? - Digital Signage Blog

Want to know more about how Digital Signage works? So join us in this reading and learn about the advantages it can bring to your business. Come on?

Definition of Digital Signage

In a broader definition, Digital Signage (digital signage) is a system that uses various displays such as TVs, computer screens, OLED, LCD, plasma, LED panels or any other type of screen to communicate, entertain, inform or disseminate any type of advertising.

Benefits of Digital Signage

Personalization of content

One of the advantages of Digital Signage is its facility to target a target audience, being able to reach the right people, at the right times and places and in a more effective way. Digital Signage provides the customer with a more personalized experience, since its content can be customized according to the target audience. It is also very useful when it comes to gaining customer loyalty and engagement, as it substantially improves your shopping experience.

Reach power

The Digital Signage system eliminates any expense with other types of media, as its reach power is much greater. It can be deployed in any environment, in order to publicize your business and influence consumer behavior.

Update content in real time

The information in the Digital Signage system is not static as in posters, pamphlets or other types of traditional media. The updating of your content can be constant, and can be done from anywhere and in real time, drawing even more public attention.

Dynamic and interactive content

As it is already been said, the Digital Signage system is nothing static and this makes it possible to use videos, animations, graphics, sounds and several other resources that impact and engage the audience even more.

Interactive audio-visual content is much more effective than static and boring content, which does not offer any type of attraction. And that is the big secret of the digital signage system: the ability to offer interactive, dynamic and interesting content all the time.

oOh! unveils interactive retail screens with sensory features - CMO  Australia

Greater visibility for your brand

Since displays can stay on day and night, your ads can have greater visibility. Thus, your products and services will always be present in the viewer’s life, no matter the time or place.

Any company can use the Digital Signage system

Whether small or large, and regardless of the segment in which it operates, anyone can use this system. In addition to being a technology with an excellent cost-benefit ratio, Digital Signage can be customized on any display to serve different types of advertising campaigns.

Digital Signage is also very efficient within companies to show production indicators and targets or to pass on relevant information. Outside companies, it can be used in POS, shopping malls, airports and other places of great movement to make your brand even better known to the public.

Digital Signage has been one of the most used technologies today. Its displays present a series of benefits both for companies, which can count on an efficient, simple and inexpensive digital system, as well as for their customers who benefit from quality content and the latest technology.

Inilah Cara Mudah Akses Situs Judi Online Melalui iOS

Inilah Cara Mudah Akses Situs Judi Online Melalui iOS

Memiliki perbedaan drastis ketimbang zaman dulu, hadirnya perjudian online sangatlah memudahkan Anda. Sebab, Anda kini tak perlu keluar rumah untuk memasang taruhan dan cukup memanfaatkan perangkat desktop yang terhubung dengan internet untuk bermain dan meraih kemenangan besar. 


Selain itu, kini terdapat pula inovasi yang memungkinkan Anda dapat memasang taruhan menggunakan ponsel. Hingga saat ini, tercatat banyak sekali 966ace situs judi online yang menyediakan aplikasi untuk ponsel berbasis Android sehingga pemain dapat mengunduhnya agar proses taruhan dapat berjalan lebih praktis dan sederhana.


Tidak hanya untuk ponsel Android saja, ada pula sejumlah situs judi online yang menyediakan aplikasi untuk pengguna perangkat berbasis iOS. Dengan demikian, Anda pengguna iPhone ataupun iPad kini dapat memasang taruhan judi online dengan sangat mudah karena bisa dilakukan kapan saja dan di mana saja, bahkan saat berada dalam perjalanan.


Bagi Anda pengguna iOS, kali ini kami akan membagikan panduan lengkap agar dapat mengunduh, memasang, serta mengakses layanan judi online melalui perangkat kesayangan Anda tersebut. Untuk mengetahui lebih lengkapnya, mari kita simak tips yang ditampilkan pada halaman ini


Agar Anda dapat mengakses aplikasi judi online pada perangkat iOS, terdapat berbagai cara yang bisa dilakukan. Salah satunya adalah memasang aplikasi sehingga proses taruhan dapat dilakukan secara lancar dan efisien. Nah, jika situs judi online yang sedang Anda akses telah menyediakan aplikasi untuk perangkat iOS, maka Anda pun dapat melanjutkan proses instalasi secara langsung.


Sebelum melakukan instalasi, pastikan Anda mengetahui kompatibilitas perangkat iOS apa saja yang mendukung aplikasi tersebut. Jika perangkat Anda dinyatakan mendapatkan dukungan untuk menjalankan aplikasi, Anda pun dipersilahkan mengakses halaman unduh yang terdapat pada situs judi online menggunakan browser Safari, kemudian pilih perangkat iOS.

Choosing New Online Casinos: Things to Consider in Evaluating the Best Site - EssentiallySports


Jika sudah terhubung dengan halaman pengunduhan, silahkan lanjutkan proses dengan mengeklik tombol install hingga aplikasi tampil di ponsel Anda. Sebelum dapat menggunakan aplikasi tersebut, Anda diwajibkan untuk melakukan pengaturan sederhana dengan mengeklik Setting, lalu pilih General, pilih Device & Profile Management, dan klik trust pada layanan judi online yang Anda akses. Setelah mengaturnya, Anda pun dapat login menggunakan akun pemain yang telah didaftarkan sebelumnya.


Selain melakukan instalasi secara manual, Anda pun bisa melakukan cara lain yakni mengunduh aplikasi melalui layanan App Store. Namun, agar aplikasi judi online dapat diunduh, Anda harus melakukan pengaturan pada akun iCloud Anda dengan memilih regional tertentu seperti Cyprus. Setelah mengaturnya, aplikasi judi online pun akan muncul di App Store dan Anda bisa melakukan instalasi secara langsung. 


Jika Anda tak ingin mengunduh aplikasi judi online, para pengguna iOS pun bisa mengakses situs web versi mobile ataupun versi WAP menggunakan browser seperti Safari. Kedua versi situs web untuk ponsel tersebut memungkinkan Anda dapat mengakses sejumlah layanan judi online dan memasang taruhan secara langsung pada kategori tertentu misalnya Sportsbook. Tentunya, opsi ini sangatlah praktis karena Anda tak perlu melakukan pengaturan terlebih dulu. 


Panduan diatas dapat dilakukan oleh seluruh pengguna perangkat iOS yang ingin mengakses situs judi online secara praktis karena kini kegiatan bermain dan memasang taruhan bisa dilakukan melalui genggaman. Pastikan, Anda hanya mengunduh aplikasi resmi yang disediakan bandar judi online agar selalu aman dan terhindar dari penipuan. Selamat mencoba! 


How smart technology can help you to live healthily

How smart technology can help you to live healthily?

We are living in a new age of information where smart glass Malaysia technology becomes important in our daily life. Every person wants to have a completely safe and secure home where they can live comfortably with their family. The rise of smart home technology helps people to solve their everyday inconvenience and also helps to improve their safety at home. So, there are several ways that smart tech brings meaningful changes in our lives and helps to live a healthy and safe life.

Smart tech become easy to understand 

All people are not comfortable with the new technology and they do not have much knowledge about what products are best for their lifestyle and home. So, it is beneficial for you to get the help of an expert and look invest in the smart tech products that fit well with your family needs in an effective manner.

Empty orange sign in clothing store Free PhotoSmart tech can change the life of seniors 

Most of the seniors prefer to live in their own homes as they age and smart technology can provide the best possible help to track their health and fitness in an effective manner. So, if you are far from your home then you can also use a camera to makes sure that your loved ones are safe at the home. Apart from this, smart tech can also help them to perform their everyday task in an effective manner.

Smart tech can make chances in home security 

There are lots of people who do not have access to reliable home surveillance tools, so it is beneficial for them to adopt smart technology so that they can keep their home safe and secure. Many times, cameras are ineffective at night and, so it becomes difficult to make your home completely safe. It is convenient for you to look for the smart security cameras that are waterproof and upload footage to the cloud so that they can provide higher security to your home. Apart from this, several smart tech home security systems have the sensors to detect break-ins and also have the motion sensors and they notify you if someone is trying to break-in your home. It is very easy and convenient for you to use smart tech devices in your life to make it happy and safe.

A home lighting system that helps you sleep and wake you up

By having a smart home lighting system in your home, you can easily adjust the lights according to the rising and setting of the sun. The smart lighting system has the sensors that allow changing the lighting of your room according to the change in sunlight and it supports the natural sleep wake cycle and also helps to get quality sleep without having any issues.

There are lots of smart tech devices you can use in your everyday life to make your life easy and comfortable. You can enjoy the benefits of smart tech to improve the safety of your home and able to live a healthy life by tracking and monitoring your fitness level with the help of effective smart tech gadgets and wearable.

How To Choose Your Mtb Tires?

Your tires are the first and only thing that connects you to the ground. It is also your first shock absorber!

Unfortunately, too often overlooked by novices, tires are essential parts of your bike. The choice of MTB tires influences comfort, traction, performance victory996, but also safety. You still have to know them well to make the most of all their possibilities.


Commonly, you will meet the dimension in this form, for example, 26 x 1.95 “

26″ corresponds to the diameter in inches of your wheel and 1.95 “corresponds to the width of your tire.

If the diameter is normalized (in adult mountain bikes, the wheels are 26 “, 27.5” or 29 “inches in diameter), it is not the same for the tire section.

Thus, we sometimes find tires of 1.75 as wide as tires of 1.95, themselves wider than 2.10.

The tire section is different depending on the brand because there is no standardization at this level.


It is made up of more or less thick nylon or cotton threads, braided.

On mountain bikes, the flexible carcasses offer more latitude in the deformation of the tire. So you will get greater traction and better comfort by absorbing shocks.

The number that determines the flexibility of the carcass is indicated by the number of TPI, an English measure indicating the number of threads per inch (1 inch = 2.5 cm). Above 100 TPI, the carcass is very flexible, and the tire considered to be a top of the range.


The screed covering the carcass is made up of a mixture of rubber and other chemical ingredients (such as silica), which influence the density, rolling resistance, adhesion of the mud to the rubber, wear and appearance.

Today, some tires have different hardness clevises depending on the area of ​​the tires.

Rods: These are the two hoops that press the tire onto the rim.

Rigid rods are made of steel wire. They are intended for entry-level tires (heavier) or tires that need to be perfectly maintained on the rim, despite low operating pressures.

The flexible rods are made of aramid or para-amide, including Kevlar, and are intended for high-end tires. Significantly lighter, they have the advantages of often easier mounting and ease of storage by offering the possibility of folding the tire.

The tubeless and Tubeless Ready tire tracks are specific to guarantee the tightness of the rim/tire pair.


The air pressure in the ATV tire affects its dynamic characteristics. Tires with a small section must be more inflated than large sections, to avoid punctures by pinching. It should also be borne in mind that over-inflation reduces grip, motor skills, and comfort by favoring performance on smooth terrain.

Conversely, when deflating, comfort improves as well as grip because the surface in contact with the ground is greater.


The role of a rear tire is to promote motor skills. For this, it is generally provided with aggressive studs on the tread. These are often perpendicular to the rolling direction, to bite the ground (in the form of paving stones, round or square). The study will be of lower height if the ground is dry and if the tire is intended to promote performance.

The front-wheel steers: it is largely on it that precision and grip in curves depend. For this reason, the crampon will be more aggressive, rather in the form of directional arrows, and more pronounced on the external edges of the tire (the area in contact with the ground, when the bike will take an angle).

The choice according to your practice:

Enduro – All mountain

The section around 2.35 “, aggressive side studs but round profile to maintain an advantageous performance.

DH – Descent

Large section with aggressive side studs that are well supported for maximum grip when cornering, and solid central blocks to resist the bending induced by heavy braking

XC – Cross Country

XC Roulant: fine and fairly low studs, a medium section, and an often lightened carcass for a minimum weight and maximum output. For dry and rolling terrain only. From 1.90 “to 2.15”.

XC Rocailleux: more volume for better shock absorption. Double or triple density eraser and prominent side studs for a more effective grip.


The section between 2.0 “and 2.2” spikes moderately spaced for excellent grip in all conditions.


Acclaimed by all mechanical sports, the pneumatic technology of Tubeless has logically taken over mountain biking. Hutchinson and Michelin collaborated with Mavic to popularize this system in 1998-1999. Tubeless is a tire that does not require an inner tube.

The tire and the rim form a watertight unit thanks to specific tire rods, the beads of which “clip” onto the shoulders of the rim.

The rim itself must be completely waterproof. Some are specifically designed for, while others can be transformed into Tubeless via a specific assembly.

Tubeless limits the risk of punctures by pinching (shearing of the chamber between the obstacle and the rim) and allows rolling with lower pressures.

Tires called Tubeless Ready were then developed to save weight by retaining the tubeless rods so that the tire clips into the rim but by requiring the use of preventive fluid to waterproof the carcass of the tire, which is lightened and approximates a Tubetype carcass (inner tube).

How To Choose Your Dirt / Street Mountain Bike?

Dirt, which comes from English Dirt Jumping (Dirt, which means earth, the surface on which this sport takes place), is a spectacular discipline that comes from BMX. It involves performing figures in the air, each with a name (Tailwop, Superman, Flair, 360 °, Backflip, etc.). The Dirters’ playing field is a field of earth bumps created from scratch with ramps and modules. Dirt is also practiced in town on artificial structures such as skate parks; this is called Street 3win2u.

In competition, a course is imposed, and the figures are scored by a jury on the difficulty, technique, height, fluidity, and style,

It is a very visual sport which makes it possible to make the show and to attract the spectators. There are several competitions in the world; the best-known championship is the FMBWT (Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour), where the best athletes of the discipline meet.


The Dirt MTB is a small compact (26 inches) MTB with a semi-rigid frame with low sloping, i.e., the upper tube descends low enough so that the saddle is not too high and leaves on the dirter the possibility of carrying out the figures easily. It must be solid and equipped with a front suspension with a small clearance (100 mm) to absorb shocks. Dirt is a risky practice with jumps that can go up to several meters high; the choice of the frame is, therefore important, it must be well adapted to avoid putting yourself in danger.

The Dirt MTB has a small handlebar for ease of handling, a single chainring like on BMX, and a single brake to slow down if necessary. They will have a brake sheath long enough for the pilot to perform tricks by turning the handlebars several times.


The most important element of the equipment: the helmet. It will serve to protect your head in the event of a fall; there is the bowl helmet or the full-face helmet, both types are common among the dirters, knowing that the full-face helmet is the one that will protect you the best. Whether you are a beginner or confirmed, you will need to include in your equipment various protections: knee pads, elbow pads, and a back protector.

You can’t improvise overnight, and it is strongly recommended to start on terrain with small bumps to acquire the technique, which will then allow you to progress to larger jumps.

How To Care For The Front Suspension Of Your Mountain Bike

Before each ride, you should check the fork of your bicycle. This way, you will check that all its parts are working, and you could even notice if any part, especially the covers, are in place and well fixed. It is very annoying to lose the caps and more if they are from controls since there are almost no spare parts or they are very expensive.

Clean the bars

Before using your bicycle, we must try to remove the dust and dirt that may be stuck on the bars of your suspension. This will prevent elements that could damage the operation of your suspension from entering the suspension spring below the retainers.

We recommend using a damp cloth or disposable towel, without any type of product that can wear down the rubber and plastic components of the seals.

By doing this, each outlet will avoid friction wear, and the suspension will work as it should.

Be careful when washing the bike with pressurized water.

If you are used to washing your bike with pressure water, you should be very careful about how to aim the gun at some parts of your bike.

Never point directly at the fork seals, since this component is the one that avoids passing dust inside the bottles; keeps oil and cushioning system isolated.

Use a fender

The simple mudguard will prevent the mud from the tire from being projected onto the bars and thus avoid possible scratches or direct blows that could affect its operation.

Protect your fork bottles

Although fork legs are very sturdy, they are the first to receive damage in most falls. So that it always looks like new, we recommend using a protective plastic mica that will preserve the paint on the bottles in better conditions, and you can always see your bike as new.

Protect your bike from the weather

When we have the need to leave or store the bicycle for personal reasons or accidents, we must consider the place where we are going to store it. Leaving the bike outdoors will do a lot of damage to all the components, frame, and obvious to your fork.

We recommend leaving it in an interior place that does not have humidity. But yes, you are not possible. Make sure that space where you keep it has a roof, and it is best to get a canvas or cover to cover your bike from environmental damage.

Maintain it regularly


Maintenance is recommended every 150 hours of use if it is frequently used, or every six months or every year if you do not use it much. This maintenance must be given by a suspension professional.


Not all garages have a suspension specialist. Therefore it is necessary that you get a workshop where they can do it or even a specialized workshop on suspensions only.